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Kog Games launched a quality of life update for Elsword Online last week which made Skill Slot B and Quick slot expansions free for everyone. Take a look at the full changes below: CONVENIENCE. Many changes have been made to make Elsword more convenient for players old and new. Skill Slot B and Quick slot expansion is now free.

Thanks everyone for leaving down the comment..i will try again both character with only 5-4 slot of skill to test the clearing speed. Tbh i personally think that SD without skill slot b just really too hard to play because of too many useful skill to put it..and the 2 secret art dont really that good in clearing the elrianode mob.. about the B-slot : elsword - reddit I remember, back when i was new there were 3 b-slots, 2 of them were timed (15 and 30 days respectively) and the other one was permanent, only the timed ones were giftable but now i'm checking the item mall because i'm bored and i see that now there's only one b-slot and that it can be gifted, is it really a permanent giftable b-slot? maybe I can buy one from a casher. Skill slot B problem - Elsword Online Forums Yeah, it's quite a problem to play without a B slot in my opinion, but no there isn't. Not right now anyway, you need to wait for an event that gives them out or do free offers / load up until you can get one. Changes to Skill Slot Type B notice - Babel - Elwiki Plus, MMOs don’t have dedicated attack buttons, instead having auto-attacks, so the skill keys have to be within reach of the attack keys, which wouldn’t work if every number key was a skill slot. Point is, the reduced skill slots was done because Elsword is more strategic than other MMOs.

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1 Passive Force Skill 2 Active Force Skill 3 Mod Force Skills If you advanced to 3rd Job by using the item mall, job advancement rewards will be sent to your mailbox. NEW B SKILL SLOTS • You Gain 5 Extra Skill Slots upon reaching 3rd Job. • You can only equip any skills except hyperactives. Elsword Ph Skill Slot B - Best Slots Mandalay Bay

Changes to Skill Slot Type B notice - Babel - Elwiki

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Using Dialog Management to Capture A and B or C Slots : Alexa Blogs Mar 23, 2018 ... Recently an attendee asked me, "I need to get the user's address ... up by asking for the missing zip slot, but since our condition A || B && C has ... Is it really worth buying a second skill slot? — enmasse-closers Jun 3, 2018 ... Having no space to put the right potions and skills is definitely annoying ... that would be your last opportunity to get B slot same goes to vanity slots. ... I'm used to using a second skill slot from playing elsword for 5 years, so I ... MORE SKILL SLOTS PLEASE :) — Elder Scrolls Online Can we please have one or two extra skill slots on each bar. ... be activated by pressing X+A. The other can be activated by pressing Y+B. ..... I need to slot something just to get a passive as this limits flexibility of skill selection. Elsword's Latest Update Made Skill Slot B and Quick Slots free ...